Instant Deliveries, Is It A Reality?

The world we live in today is run by the get it now attitude.  With instant downloads, live streaming and now companies like Amazon and Door Dash offering product delivery within a few hours the need for expedited freight and instant delivery is at an all-time high.

expedited freight

When I was growing up there used to be cartoons on Saturday mornings.  The best one was with the Coyote and Roadrunner.  In that cartoon they had the ACME company that when you wanted something all you had to do was drop a letter in the mailbox and a moment later your product was delivered.  This is currently the state our world is in today.  With just a few clicks of a mouse or swipe of your finger, you can place an order, and almost instantly have it delivered.

The good thing about this is that we now have the ability to move faster, get jobs done more efficiently and we are opening up an entirely new marketplace for global commerce.  The bod thing is that we still need people to process these deliveries, transport these deliveries and make sure that the entire process goes off without any issues. 

On the other hand, we have a more stressed out system.  With so many packages being delivered in such a short period of time we have people rushing faster and faster to make deadlines.  The stress of factory workers and delivery people is increasing.  The traffic and congestion on our roadways is increasing as well as the thought of drones eventually flying overhead delivering packages to us.

In this new world there are going to be a wide range of possibilities that we can grab onto.  The problems of the past will be replaced with new problems that will require solutions.  The future is bright for many but dim for others.  Where do you stand in this new get it now global economy?